Web Development

IStream Solution Inc. brings 14 years of expertise designing and building enterprise web applications that are responsive, high performance and scalable. We pride on consistently writing robust, maintainable code, understand business requirements and deliver a product using the latest web development technologies.

Our certified team of full-stack engineers have experience in building web solutions with various technologies including Java, .NET, Sharepoint, PHP and Javascript. Our engineers are well versed with Javascript libraries like Node.js, ReactJS, React Redux, Angular, Sencha JS. We utilize in-site search for a tailored user experience with faceted and federated search integrations like Apache Solr, Elastic Search.

Our Capabilities and Experience Includes

  • Built responsive, high performant, scalable registration system for Food and Drug Administration. The system capability enables our clients to handle huge influx of registrations annually. The system is fully accessible (508 Compliant).
  • Successfully transitioned business needs via prototyping to Balsamiq mockups, providing UX Design/wireframing and finally delivered completed application at Salient CRGT.
  • Implemented a Microservice architecture providing High Availability, Failsafe and distributed system at Salient CRGT to handle big data (over 600 million).
  • Design and Process documentation for both Federal and Commercial Clients