Training And Staffing

IStream Solutions Inc. has streamlined process and experienced staff to help recruit right candidates for the projects, provide training programs, as well as encourage and offer various certifications for candidates. IStream team consists of resources who are top-notch quality, delivering at great lengths to the clients, which is testimony of our diligent and efficient staffing and training process.

Our Capabilities and Experience Includes

  • Team of recruiters with vast experience in understanding client/project requirements, effective search and through screening of candidates.
  • Provide extensive training on various technical, business and process domains to equip employees with practical knowledge and practice to deliver the projects successfully.
  • Training and support for various certification programs like AWS, Java, Angular, TOGAF, .NET, Big Data, SCM, ITIL, PMP etc.
  • Consulting services for technology, architecture and business process reengineering
  • Conduct solution brainstorming, analysis of alternatives presentations and hackathons
  • Provide quick turnaround in scaling, recruiting right candidates based on short term and long-term client needs.
  • Proven ability in various situations to source right candidates, groom them and encourage them to provide high quality contribution to the projects.